The many faces that make up our 'WE'

Although We are a collective team, it is our diverse, unique backgrounds that make us whole and We not only respect, but celebrate the many people who make us We.

We Are Who You Are

Our mission to empower travel businesses starts within. We believe we succeed when our team feels empowered, too. With staff working from five continents, representing nearly 20 nationalities and nearly 50% identifying as women, we open our doors to a welcoming and inclusive space that encourages fresh perspectives and empowers your ideas.

As WeTravel grows, we will continue to evolve our DEI practices to meet the highest-possible standards. We encourage constant feedback so we can be better, for you. 

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Where We Are

When WeTravel was founded, we hailed from three countries: Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Indonesia. As we grow, though our team is technically connected, we add employees from around the world, now representing more than 20 countries from the Philippines to Brazil to Canada.

Where we are makes up who we are; we bring our culture, experiences and background into the work we do, every day.


Great Place to Work Certified, 2022

WeTravel is Great Place to Work certified, externally verifying our business's commitment to value our People. The verification holds us accountable for how we treat each employee, ensuring we create a safe and equitable workplace.

We're thankful for our incredible team and proud to be a Great Place to Work - for them.


We Are Our Values

Adding to our team will increase the opportunity we have to further help businesses see their potential,  with our values inspiring their (and your) work.

There’s a solution for everything
We lead with a solution-first approach to our business. We work by collaborating, empowering ideas, and conversing because we believe there is always a solution.
Resourceful, through and through
While the business has grown and the office has gone from one room to all over the world, we value resourcefulness and we encourage our staff to be creative and think big!
An honest approach
We want you to be honest, all the time: it’s how we build genuine connections with our team and customers, it’s how we learn and it’s how we grow.
Always be respectful
We believe our team should feel empowered, which is why we create a welcoming and inclusive environment that thrives on each person’s perspectives, ideas and life experiences.

Your Journey Starts Here

Are you a values-led individual who cares about people? Do you want to contribute to a rapidly-scaling company that encourages your values to lead your business strategy? Looking to add your experience to an international team that sits in five of the world's continents? Then this is the place for you to bring you to WeTravel - we need you!

Right From the Academy

We believe that we are responsible for an equitable, inclusive and sustainable industry and we’re using our resources and connections to lead the way.

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